Wednesday, 25 May 2011



God talk to me......

" I've been watching you closely up from heaven,  see the dark clouds hanging above your head.. As the enemies and vultures closed behind you.. you feel you've LOST.. with nowhere left to go.. But I've promised that I would never leave you.. though my timing's hard for you to comprehend.. but do you TRUST Me ? and know that I'm there..? to see you through... right until the end ...?? "

Let your HOPE be made known to God in your prayer

&& I pray....

For so many days and nights I've prayed to Heaven, While the enemies were waiting for my fall....When all around me felt like sinking sand, No place to stand, with only Your name I can call... Now I know my faith in You is being shaken..And I'm not afraid to say that I am scared..But I do know You're true to all Your words.. You are my God and I know that You'll be there... "

I still believe in miracles.... that you'll be part of the sea and save my day... Yes God,, i still believe in miracles.. and knows that You are always there for me.....

lyrics of ' i still believe in miracles' sang by Sidney Mohede... Be BLESSED !

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