Thursday, 15 December 2011

when you're gone...

here's my aki. My beloved aki :)) it's been 13 days now since he passed away. yupp.. i still miss him . yupp. deeply missing him. my tears still won't stop :'( it was 30th of November when i was in the bank with my friends when i got phone call from my Mummy. i was so excited about the phone call because i thought i was about the money that I've requested. hehehe :)) but all of sudden, my tears burst as i've been told that Aki has gone... after suffer for a long time with his illness. i was so sad. regretting the days when i was not there to look after him... i remember he said, before i registered into university, i was eating in front of him, with my cousins.. he looked us, and says, " if i die, don't leave me. stay beside me until the day you bury me, " then my grandma tease him by saying, ' nope, we will just throw your body into the river and let the crocodiles eat you," hahaha :'D we follow her by laughing. then with blurryy face, my Aki said, ' Haina' - a murutians languange ... hahaha.. it was so funny that time. goshhh.. :'(.. how i miss the smile of my Aki... 9.45 p.m,November,30th, i got up from my chair ready for boarding. i got into the que, grabbing some kit kat nugget from my backpack, filling my empty stomach. hmmm. only God knows how i can't wait to reach Sabah. huhuhu.. 1.00 a.m, we arrived KKIA, and my dad directly drive to Tenom. 5.00 a.m sharp, we arrived at my village... i got into the house, i saw a coffin, covered with blanket. as i walk approaching the coffin, my cousin opened the cover... my God, i can't help my feeling. i burst into tears. i can't believe, my Aki, that one time, always tells a bedtime story to me, gives me money to buy lying inside the coffin, pale and cold. :'((( i cried till my heart contented.... until i fall asleep beside his coffin. i saw my cousins were sleeping beside him too. just as his wish.. except for my sister. she was in Sarawak that time.. time goes by.. i looked at the clock, it was 3 p.m.. i saw my uncles and some villager standing, like the are ready to lift the coffin.. i know it's the time for burial.. i can feel my tears falling down from my eyes. i know it was the last chance too see my Aki's face.. i saw my grandmother hugs the coffin. she cried out loud.. i know how she felt... 5 p.m, the burial ceremony ended.. we got back to home.. everyone shed their tears..hah. even they wipe their tears away, i know, their heart still full with sorrow :((

 Aki, you will be missed. we'll never forget you. I know, we all will meet again :)) You're in a better place now,,free from the illness you suffered in this world. Rest In Peace, beloved Aki Lunam...

God, forgive him for all the he'd done. Make him stay with you. in the name of Jesus, amen.. -.-

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