Thursday, 15 December 2011

exam ? senang ja bha tu :DD

omg ! time flies.. yupp ! i don't even realize that i almost done my first semester in university ! yayy ~ haha ( baru part one lahhh ). and now.. :(( the saddest part is, it's 2 weeks only before exam and i haven't ready anthing yett.. oh my.. this is so pathetic T_T ~~

well, i dun come here to fail by the wayy..but ~~~~ arghhh !!!!!! oh my God, i feel like crying now.. God, i'm so scaredd.. huhu.. i remember that dayy when all my mood fly away ~ i can't even smile or laugh..and it all because this exam. i just so scareddd ~~ huhu.. wait. tau takut, but still juga malas mau study... arghh,,why can't I be like anybody else ?? yang rajin-rajin yuee ?? huhu

i don't want banana fruit 2 times ( HAHAHAHA). yeahh~ i mean, i don't want to repeat my what i've done in my matriculation time. i screwed it all away..especially during 1st sem. huhu.. i got the chance, but then blow it away just like thattt ~~

i know, it time now for me to add oil ! chayok-chayok ! i know i can do it ! yeahh..mind-set bebyy ~~ yup.. JANGAN TAKUT, PERCAYA SAJAAA :)) yeahh ! i love my God. i know He'll always there for me. :) now i will just do my best to study whatever it is, and let my God do the rest. i remember He said in the Bible, " Jangan takut, sebab Aku ini Allah mu ".. Yes Lord, i shall not afraid, for You are there for me.. amen. I can do this. yeahh ~ percaya saja. :))

to mum && dad, i promise i won't let both of you down this time. i'll make you proud :)

to me, hard + smart :) okay.

to, goodluck :)

to God, I LOVE YOU more than anything <3

aim : Dean Award. amen ;p

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